TCR European Endurance to add valuable points in the TCR World Ranking

The TCR European Endurance Championship, scheduled to debut on April 28th at Balaton Park circuit, will allocate valid points for the TCR World Ranking. This ranking brings together all drivers competing in TCR championships and enables qualification for the TCR World Ranking Final. Each driver’s score in this ranking is determined by a well-defined formula, rewarding drivers based on their finishing position, the number of participants and the significance of the championship the race belongs to. Currently, the top-ranked drivers are Frenchman Yann Ehrlacher with 151.43 points, followed by Norbert Michelisz with 150.30 points and Rob Huff with 149.11 points.

The TCR World Tour is the championship that awards the highest points. It’s a series of events spread across the globe which replaces the World Touring Car Cup (WTCR) starting from 2023. The races of the TCR World Tour actually belong to various regional TCR championships. In 2024, the calendar will consist of events in Vallelunga, Marrakech, Mid-Ohio, Interlagos, El Pinar, Zhuzhou and Macao, which respectively originate from the TCR Europe, Michelin Pilot Challenge, TCR South America, TCR China and the Macau Guia Race championships. At the end of the season, the top 15 ranked drivers will receive an invitation to the TCR World Ranking Final, a race aimed at crowning the TCR world champion. Additionally, the top 45 drivers who are at the top of the World Ranking at the end of the year (excluding those already qualified through the World Tour) will participate in the qualification for the event.

Therefore, the TCR European Endurance is the first endurance championship settled in Europe to award valid points for the World Ranking and, consequently, to allow participation in the final race. It will be possible to earn points both in the Gen 1 category and with the latest generation cars, the DSG.


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